How to Reset AirPods to Fix Various issues

Apple’s AirPods gives a wireless headphone experience you can’t even imagine. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when AirPods start behaving abnormally or not working properly. Fortunately, resetting them brings back to work normally.

There are various situation when you can reset your AirPods like

  • AirPods is not syncing properly,
  • AirPods not charging
  • Unable to Connect AirPods with your device
  • AirPods battery is draining quickly
  • Left or Right AirPod not working

And even more.

How to Reset your AirPods

Let’s back to the topic, resetting AirPods is super easy as AirPods, AirPods Second generation, and AirPods Pro all come with a reset function that returns them back to factory settings.

In this post, we will share with step by step instructions on how to reset your AirPods to fix various problems. The tutorial is divided into two parts as steps to reset AirPods & AirPods Second Generation and AirPods Pro are different

How to Reset AirPods and AirPods Seconds Generation

Make sure, the pair of AirPods is in charging case and have enough charge.

Look for Setup button (Small white button) visible on the bottom backside of the AirPods charging case.

press and hold airpods setup button to reset

After waiting for 15-20 seconds open the charging case lid and press and hold the Setup button. At first, the white light will blink, you have to wait till the light turns red.

This confirms that you have successfully reset your AirPods. Now you can pair them again with your device.

How to Reset Your AirPods Pro

Put the pair of AirPods is in charging case and close the lid.

Wait for 20-30 seconds and then reopen the lid.

On your iOS device, you need to head over to Settings > Bluetooth. Here, you will find a list of all the devices you have paired.

forget airpods pro from iphone

Tap on the (i) next to AirPods Pro.

Tap on Forget this device and then tap again to confirm the action.

Keeping your AirPods charging case lid open, press and hold the Setup button, you will see white light start blinking. Wait until it turns red.

As simple as that!

After you have reset your AirPods, they will not recognize any of your iOS devices linked to Apple’s iCloud account. So bring AirPods and your iOS device near to each other and initiate the setup process, just like you set it up for the first time.

Let us know in the comments what is your reason for resetting your AirPods?

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