How to Copy and Paste on Mac (All Methods)

For a long time, you were using Windows and recently you switched to Mac. User experience is totally different in Mac as compared to Windows. Whether you’re using Mac or Windows copy-paste is a core function.

And if you’re new to Mac, then you definitely struggling or wondering how to simply copy and paste text, files, media on your Macbook, right? Fret now! It’s super easy.

In this blog post, we decided to cover all the possible ways to copy and paste in Macbook. So without further ado, lets get started:

Copy-Paste on Mac using Keyboard

Select content (text, files, images, and others) you want to copy and then use Command + C keyboard combination.

Copy-Paste on Mac using Keyboard shortcuts

Head over to destination where you want to paste, then press Command + V.

In case, you want to copy-paste the text to match the destination style, then use Command + Shift + V. This will paste the text in the same format as already in the document.

Copy-Paste on Mac using Mouse and Menus

In case, you don’t have habit of using keyboard shortcuts or don’t have access to keyboard, then you can take help of Menus and Mouse to use copy-paste functionality. Here’s how you can do that:


Using your mouse highlight or select content, it could be text, files, and folders.

Next, make a right-click using a mouse or trackpad. From the context menu, select copy. Doing this will copy the content.

Head over to the destination where you want to paste the content and then make right-click using Mouse or trackpad and then select Paste from the context menu.


Head over to Mac’s toolbar available on the top of the screen. Click on the Edit menu and select Copy to copy the content.

copy using edit menu in mac

You can click on the Edit menu available in the toolbar and select Paste item from the menu to paste the content.

paste using edit menu in mac

Doing this will instantly copy-paste your select content to your document or destination.

Bonus Tip – Copy-paste from Mac to iPhone and iPad

In case, you’re using the latest version of Mac OSX and iOS version of iPhone and iPad, then you can easily copy-paste content between all your Apple device using Universal Clipboard feature.

For the feature to work, make sure your device support Continuity and has enabled the Handoff feature. (Both are enabled by default, that means you don’t have to do anything to get started)

Make sure, both devices (in between you want to copy-paste content) are close to each other and connected to the same wireless connection and Bluetooth is enabled.

Suppose you want to copy-paste the photo from iPhone or iPad to Mac, then you need to press and hold that photo, doing this will bring a context menu on your iPhone. Simply select the Copy option.

Head over to Mac and destination, where you want to paste the photo, and then use Command + V keyboard shortcut. Doing this will show you a tiny window with a message that transfer is in progress.

Depending on the photo size it will be transferred to your Mac from iPhone. This method is not limited to Photos, but you can copy-paste text, files, media and other.

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